The Proof? Even urbanized areas can be favourable places for certain species such as Geoffrey’s bat (Myotis emarginatus) which has taken up residence in a barn in the heart of the town of Dions. This colony is the largest in the region with 600 individuals. However, its juvenile mortality has increased since the modernization of public lighting.


Fight against luminous pollution

The Gardon gorges Natura 2000 site is partly used as a hunting ground by the most important breeding colony of Geoffroy’s bats in Languedoc-Roussillon. Located in an ancient barn on Brôt square, Dions, the colony includes 600 females before giving birth, and nearly a thousand individuals with the juveniles.

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Helping the municipalities being better aware of biodiversity

Due to time and staff constraints, she municipalities’ involvement in hosting a Natura 2000 site is often limited to the steering committee’s yearly meetings. The time spent on activities by facilitators, in this case of the SMGG, in order for them to gain the necessary knowledge and means is insufficient.

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