LIFE is the European programme to finance actions in favour of the environment, biodiversity and the fight against climate change

The European Union provides technical and financial support to Member States' public policies through intervention funds covering a wide range of sectors: social, economic, agricultural, health, etc.

The LIFE programme (Financial Instrument for the Environment) is the European Union's main fund for financing its environmental policy. It is aimed at public and private promoters and supports projects relating to biodiversity conservation, soil protection, air or water quality improvement, waste management or climate change mitigation or adaptation.

Each year, the European Union receives many applications from its member countries. Few are selected because the EU's selection criteria are very demanding.



The current funding period 2021-2017 has a budget of €5.4 billion, distributed by sub-programme as follows :

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation (€947 million)
  • Transition to clean energy (997 million euros)
  • Circular economy and quality of life (€1.345 billion)
  • Nature and biodiversity (€2.143 billion)

The LIFE programme has substantial financial envelopes, allowing for ambitious large-scale projects.