Why celebrate biodiversity?

The threats weighing on biodiversity are overlooked, or rather awareness has yet to be fully raised on its richness. The Natura 2000 sites, their purpose, their aims are just as badly understood, including by local populations and actors.

The municipalities within these sites are often small, lack the means to communicate on Natura 2000 and the exceptional biodiversity associated to it, and have trouble putting into value its positive aspects alongside their population. These sites, often considered as cumbersome, have a rather poor image.

Moreover, they require activities and social events in order to recover the bond between the locals. Biodiversity may prove to be an opportunity to bring the locals together around a heritage, a notion of common resources, and to arise a feeling of unifying pride.

Finally, moments of festivity and conviviality generate opportunities to reach out to people remotely concerned by environmental issues, who rarely go on nature outings or to other educational spaces dedicated to biodiversity. The biodiversity celebration, which shall take place in the very heart of these territories, shall reach out for the populations within their living space.

What does this celebration imply?

Three celebrations shall take place in three municipalities located within three Natura 2000 sites: Bouquet (Lussan garrigues), La Capelle et Masmolène (La Capelle pond and its puddles) and Sanilhac-Sagriès (gorges of the Gardon and the Gardon River and its gorges).

The event is meant to be not only social and cheerful, but educational too, and shall accommodate stands, playful activities, lectures and moments of conviviality along with music and games.

A market of producers involved in environmental approaches shall be organised.

A participatory science programme shall be carried out and a Louisiana red crayfish tasting, related to the participatory sites, shall take place in the municipality of La Capelle.

Local associations will be involved in putting forward their activities and offering entertainment.

The first one shall take place in La Capelle et Masmolène in May 2024, followed by Bouquet in May 2025 and Sanilhac-Sagriès in May 2026.