Why have a Mobile Museum?

Biodiversity loss has grown to very worrying extents.

Though this statement is accepted by all, it remains more difficult to understand its mechanisms and even more difficult to understand the means available both individually and collectively to tackle this loss and help rehabilitating the fauna, flora and habitats. It involves the use of teaching in order to reach out as many people as possible.

Though there indeed are areas dedicated to raising awareness, they reach out to part of the population, more often people who are already aware of biodiversity issues.

The Mobile Museum is an original museographical space dedicated to going out and meeting all the territorial inhabitants in their living space, along with greeting more specific visitors, related to school, recreation centres, tourism, etc.

What is the purpose of this Mobile Museum?

The Mobile Museum is a truck including a layout and a scenery, which shall have a bibliographic and digital resource centre, along with teaching tools.

A facilitator shall be in charge of travelling across the territory in order to carry out the activities and keep the public informed.

By 2024, this light and mobile structure shall be implemented periodically in 120 passage areas busy on a daily basis (Pont du Gard site, marketplaces, town hall places, town schools, etc.) or sporadically during events (Fête LIFE, garrigues en fêtes, fête des possibles, Tonnerre de Bio, etc.), along with being close to hike points of departure or other sites where activities are practised in the wilderness (canoeing-kayaking along the banks of the Gardon River), in camping on the side of either the Gardon or the Cèze River.

It shall equally be used for school activities.


The project throughout time

  1. Step 01

    Buying the truck

  2. Step 02

    Coming up with educational content

  3. Step 03

    Creating the scenery

  4. Step 04

    Layout of the truck

  5. Step 05

    Local activities